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Calculating your lure depth is quick and easy with the Troll Master Depth Calculator app


The most comprehensive trolling app on the market

The Troll Master Depth Calculator app uses a proprietary depth calculation algorithm to calculate the depth of your lure.  This calculation is based on physics as well as real world testing.

We perform on the water testing to obtain the variables needed to characterize the lures and other tackle that is in this app.  The calculated lure depths that the app generates is based in equal parts on this real life testing and physics.

Our physics based approach provides unprecedented ability for you to easily and quick change any aspect of your rig and see the immediate effect on lure depth.  This single app instantly replaces guessing, estimating, depth charts and other reference sources with a single easy to use app.

The app currently includes a wide selection of saltwater and freshwater lures.  We continually test and add additional lures.  

  • Bucktails
  • Bullets
  • Leadhead jigs
  • Parachute lures
  • Swimbaits
  • Spoons
  • Crankbaits (a constantly growing selection!)
  • Umbrella rigs
  • Crawler harnesses
  • Flasher & Fly
  • Dodger & Fly

The app also contains divers such as Dipsy Divers and Sea Strikers.  Line choices include monofilament (8 to 250 lb), braid (8 to 250 lb), and lead core lines. 

This app is a great tool for anyone who trolls for striped bass, walleye, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, muskies, crappie, salmon, trout, tuna, red drum, snook, wahoo, barracuda, marlin, sailfish, and pretty much anything else with a tail!




We perform on the water testing in order to obtain the variables needed to model the tackle in the app.  These includes lure density, drag coefficients, and other pertinent variables.  The calculation actually predicts the shape of the line under water (see image to the right).

Depth Measurements

Depth measurements are obtained using the Fish Hawk TD device.  We use these measurements to verify the final calculations.  



Does the purchase price include all the lures?

Yes. When you purchase the app, you get all current lures plus all future upgrades for free.

How do I account for current?

The speed you enter is really the speed of your lure relative to the water.  If you are trolling into a current, the speed you enter is your GPS speed plus the speed of the current.  If you are trolling with the current, subtract the speed of the current from your GPS speed.

How do I enter a trolling weight?

Just enter the weight of your trolling weight in ounces in the space provided.

Are there ads?

No.  I don't like ads in my apps and I don't expect you do either!

How do I enter a tandem rig?

 Just add the weights of the lures together and enter the total as the lure weight. 

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Our goal is to create the most accurate, comprehensive, and useful trolling app on the market.  You take your time on the water seriously, and so do we!


This app was originally created as a tool to help striped bass fishermen on the Chesapeake Bay.  We quickly realized that the physics of trolling are the same whether you are in the Pacific or in a Canadian lake.  The app has grown substantially since it's first introduction and we look forward to many future improvements.


 This app has evolved significantly thanks to great feedback from other anglers.  Please let us know there are features, lures, or other tackle that you would like to see in this app and we will consider it for a future release. 


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